Welcome to Wanatah Public School

Welcome to our new webpage!  It features the latest, most user-friendly web platform to provide students, parents, and teachers with the best tools for success.

Our webpage isn’t the only thing that got an upgrade this year.  Have you logged into Harmony 3?  You can now use one log-in for your entire family.  With this log-in, you can view academic progress/grades, cafeteria balances and textbook rental balances, and you can pay online!  Please contact our office if you need your new log-in information.

Take a chance to explore our new webspace and come back regularly for news and updates!

Summer office hours through June 15th, then again beginning on July 31st:
Monday thru Thursday

What's Happening

Good Bye
Posted on 05/30/2017
As another school year comes to a close here at Wanatah School, we have some very special staff members that we are saying "Goodbye" to. ...
New Mindsets at Tri-Township
Posted on 04/25/2017
A new mindset related to success and student achievement is underway at Tri-Township Schools this year. Faculty and staff have been ...