A New Mindset is Taking Shape at Tri-Township

A new mindset related to success and student achievement is underway at Tri-Township Schools for a second year.  Faculty and staff have been undergoing additional training regarding mindsets and their effect on how students approach learning.  According to Stanford professor Dr. Carol Dweck there are two different mindsets when it comes to intelligence: fixed and growth.  A fixed mindset suggests that a person’s intelligence, skills, and talents are predetermined at birth and cannot be significantly changed.  A growth mindset suggests that a person’s talents and intelligence can be developed through persistence, effort, and a focus on learning.

Tri-Township is one of the first school corporations in the State of Indiana to commit to a corporation-wide growth mindset training program.  As a part of that commitment, teachers attended multiple Mindset workshops to learn about strategies for implementing growth mindsets into their classrooms and how to continue to improve our practice.  One of many strategies learned was the power of the word “yet.” The word “yet” allows anyone to say “I may not know how yet, but if I keep trying I will eventually understand.”  Another talking point was how to react to failure.  Failure shouldn’t be seen as incompetence or weakness but rather as a way to get feedback or reflect on areas that need more attention.

Tri-Township faculty and staff are incorporating these and other ideas about growth mindset into the student learning experience at Tri-Township. The ultimate goal is developing students who are lifelong, growth-mindset learners who are able to take on the ever-changing challenges of a global world.